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2016 Blue Egg Gallery Exhibition Archive

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TEAPOTS (March-April 2016)

Teapots are a part of the domestic landscape of all our lives and play the leading role in the wonderful ritual of making the tea. Teapots, an exhibition curated by Hilary Morley and Tina Byrne, featured a feast of over 50 teapots by 30 Irish makers in a variety of materials, shapes, colours and sizes. Included were teapots by Adam Frew, Diane McCormick, Derek Wilson, Marcus O’Mahony, Juliet Ball, Chloë Dowds, Maria Connolly, Rosemarie Durr, Rory Shearer, Joanna Doyle, Jim Turner and Anne Marie Robinson.



STEPPING OUT (April-May 2016)

This exhibition of functional ceramics featured the work of the final year students from the Ceramics Skills Course run by the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland in Thomastown. The participating makers were: Babs Belshaw, Andrew Ilsley, Eva Kaszas, Kate McGuane, Aisling McElwain, Martha Opher, Marta Ozog, Claire Murdock, Fiona Shannon and Bridget Timoney.


SHORELINE (July 2016)

To celebrate summer Mary Gallagher and Etain Hickey curated this exhibition of work by ten makers in various media. It will then transfer to Etain Hickey Collections in Clonakilty for the month of August.


The exhibition featured functional and decorative work in various media: glass, clay, wood, textiles and print. The participants were: Angela Brady, Sonia Caldwell, Ann Duggan, John Dunn, Michele Hannan, Nanette Ledwith Geraldine Murphy, Jane O’Farrell and Lesley Stothers.



TEXTURE (August 2016)

This exhibition celebrated texture in two mediums – clay and fibre – as used by the potter, Juliet Ball and the weaver, Terry Dunne.  In her studio in Galway, Juliet uses different techniques and clays to produce functional work which is notable for its range of textures and strong, confident forms. The exhibition included smoke-fired ash-glazed stoneware and unglazed earthenware as well as porcelain.


Terry works with an extensive range of materials to design and make hand woven tapestries, tufted wall hangings and experimental textile works. Like Juliet, Terry achieves a variety of textures and tones in his work by using different materials and techniques  His larger tapestries are generally made from traditional materials such as wool, cotton, linen and silk while he use more unusual materials such as bark, pine needles, driftwood and willow in his smaller works.


LETTING IN THE LIGHT (September 2016)


This solo exhibition of work by Susan Mannion included enamelled copper vessels and panels alongside Susan’s wood engravings, linocuts and woodcuts. It followed Susan’s first solo show, A Raid into Dark Corners, in the Strule Arts Centre, Omagh where she grew up. She has exhibited her work widely in group shows in Ireland, the UK, the USA and Continental Europe.


BRAVURA 2016 (October–November)  

The exhibition featured glass by Alison Lowry and Scott Benefield and ceramics by Rowena Brown, James Hake, Andrew Luddick and James and Tilla Waters. In addition to a new range of necklaces created for this show, Inga Reed also collaborated with her husband Les Reed. He produced a range of inlaid porcelain bud vases which feature silver collars made by Inga.