Denis Byrne

I have been acutely aware of glass from a very young age and am still constantly intrigued by its beauty, versatility and magic. Yes, it is magic -transparent yet solid at the same time, fragile yet incredibly strong too and where would we be in the computer world that dominates us without fibre optic cable? Therefore, in creating pieces of glass I give some of the very pulse of my passion. I’m on a journey I’ve only recently begun (though I’ve been peppering to do something all these years). There’s a great path opening up before me. I see it as, Glass, a Lifetime in the making!

Denis Byrne’s interest in glass began when he was a boy. In the eighties and nineties his work as an antique dealer was centred on glass, especially Irish glass from the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

In 2019 he set up his own studio where he began to make fused glass objects. This process involves designing, cutting and assembling an array of clear and coloured handmade glass. After firing the pieces are sometimes decorated using etching and enamelling techniques.

Denis’s studio is in Newcastle, Co.Wicklow. He is happy to welcome visitors by appointment.

These photos are representative of the work in stock at the gallery. Please enquire for more detailed information.