Tamaru Hunt-Joshi, Turnstone Ceramics

I have always been fascinated with nature and the ecology of landscapes. My work reflects my connection with nature, its organisms and processes, and clay offers a way for me to transfer this energy into my work. My local landscapes of the Burren and Connemara are the inspiration for my botanical landscapes – where I attempt to convey the beauty and vibrancy of the natural world in clay.

To create my stoneware wall pieces, I overlay soft stoneware slabs with porcelain slips stained with various colours of ceramic stains, often like watercolour washes. I sometimes use stencils to layer the clay, and then either press carefully chosen plants into the soft clay or incise the clay with a sharp knife. My stoneware wall pieces are usually unglazed and their textural quality conveys some of the essence of landscapes. I also use raku-ceramics (smoke firing) to create dynamic wall pieces and sculptural forms such as birds and other animals.

These photos are representative of the work in stock at the gallery. Please enquire for more detailed information.